Measure G                                                    55% voteBond – Morgan Hill Unified School District City of Morgan Hill
To improve student access to computers and modern technology and provide a quality education, repair or replace leaky roofs, upgrade old plumbing, heating/cooling systems, classrooms and outdated restrooms, upgrade fire safety, maximize energy efficiency, improve handicapped accessibility, and modernize, construct and acquire classrooms, equipment, sites and facilities, shall Morgan Hill Unified School District issue $198,250,000 in bonds at legal rates, with citizen oversight, annual audits, no funds for administrator salaries and all funds spent on local schools
  • There has been no history that we have found of Morgan Hill Unified School District defaulting on their bonds.
  • We have found only 1 school district in California default on a bond in LA county in 1991.
Fiscal Impact
There is no know information at this time as to how will be the underwritter of the bond or what rating, interest rate and term lenghts will be offered. As with most school bonds this information is determined after the bond measure has passed.
Questions -
  1. Do you want Morgan Hill Unified School District to issue bonds ( take out a loan that will be repaid to those who purchaser the bonds ) so they may acquire new computer for students?

YES vote-The School district will issue bonds to fund improvements.

No vote-The school will need to seek alternate means to make improvements or forgo the improvements at this time.

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