Measure E                                                     Majority voteCard Room Gambling Santa Clara County
 Arguments Against          Argument For           Analysis           Resolution
Shall gambling be expanded by amending the Municipal Code to (1) Allow the maximum number of Card Tables at San Jose’s two cardrooms to increase by 30 on January 1, 2013 and by an additional 30 on January 1, 2014; (2) Allow Cardrooms to offer any form of gaming lawful in California after July 1, 2012, without additional voter approval; and (3) Require San Jose to review rules for additional permissible gaming
  • There has been no controversy to date that has made the press.
Fiscal Impact
San Jose annual revenue is aprox 16 billion Increased revenues if this measure passes would be aprox 5 million
Questions -
  1. Do you want to increase the size of card gaming facilities and allow a broader range of gambling permissible within the state of California?

YES vote-Both card game facilities will be able to expand

No vote-no change- will remain the same


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