Measure D                                                     Majority voteIncrease Minimum Wage in San Jose Santa Clara County
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Shall an ordinance be adopted that (1) requires (a) payment of minimum wages in San Jose at $10 per hour with an annual increase, if any, based on the Consumer Price Index beginning January 1, 2014; (b) City enforcement through fines, penalties, civil actions, or revocation or suspension of permits or licenses; and (c) voter approval of substantive changes to the ordinance; and (2) allows private enforcement through civil actions
  • It is reported that small business is against this initiative because it will cause further hardship on a weak economy and small business will not be able to endure the hardship.
  • The fear that has been generated on this topic is that it will cause further unemployment because business will have to lay off employees in order to give raises to the staff that remains.
  • Minimum wage workers in the bay area are for the increase because it will reflect a fair compensation here in the bay area.
Fiscal Impact
There is insufficent evidence to show what type of impact this will have on government revenues. It would not be significant. However we can provide the impact it will have on employers and min wage employees.
For the employee effected it could look like this
A two dollar an hour increase would generate aprox 68.00 more money per week in their pocket. This increase in cash flow could aford them one of the following
  • A new car payment or lease
  • Better meals throughout the week
  • Start a savings account that would generate aprox 3,500 annualy and acrue to 340,000 over 35 years for retirment.
  • Pre school payments
  • Start a savings account for a college fund that would acrue to 105,000 in 18 years

For the small business employer the effect could look something like this

For each full time employee there would be an increase in cost of a prox 88.00 per week or aprox. 375 per month. This would be 4,500.00 per year- per minimum wage full time employee. The average small business employees less than 5 full/part time employees.

Questions -
  1. Are you in favor of raising the minimum wage from 8.00 to 10.00?

YES vote- Increase minimum wage to 10.00

No vote-minimum wage remains the same at the state level of 8.00 per hour




  • California minimum wage is currently 8.00 per hour. Only 7 other states have higher rates and only 2 cities nationwide are over 10.00 per hour.
  • San Jose is rated 4th most expensive city to live within the United States.



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