Measure K                                                    2/3rds voteBerryessa Union School District Parcel Tax City of San Jose Summary
Without increasing taxes and to continue providing quality education for local elementary and middle school students by:
  • Attracting and retaining quality teachers,
  • Maintaining strong core academic programs in reading, writing, math and science,
  • Providing updated classroom technology and hands-on science instruction,Keeping libraries open,
shall Berryessa Union School District continue its expiring $79 annual education parcel tax for 8 years, with citizen oversight, a senior exemption, no funds for administrator salaries and all funds benefiting local schools
None at this time
Fiscal Impact
If this measure passes there will be no increase in taxes because it is currently in place. This measure is an 8 year extension of the existing parcel tax of 79.00 per year.
Questions -
  1. Do you want to continue to pay a parcel tax of $79 annually for funding to Berryessa Union School District?

YES vote--2/3rds required to pass. The school district will continue to have the parcel tax for the next 8 years.

No vote- the existing parcel tax will expire and home owners within the district will pay 79 less than before.


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