Proposition 40 State Senate Redistricting This proposition will require multistate companies that operate within California to pay income taxes based on a percentage of their California revenues.

This is a Proposition that everyone should vote YES on. If you vote no the only outcome will be that the state will have to pay additional money to draw map lines that are the same as what was already done. Because of a court ruling it was determined that there would be no significant change in the districts so the major opponent to this proposition has backed down and has announced that this proposition should just be removed so that additional costs to the state are not incurred.
  • None- there is no longer any opposition to this proposition because of a court ruling.
Fiscal Impact
If this proposition passes it will not cost anything. If this proposition dos not pass it will cost the state about 1 million to have identical work done again. And according to the judges court case ruling- any rework will give the same results regarding the map lines.
Questions -
  • Do you want California to spend 1 million unnecessarily?

YES vote-The state Senate district boundaries certified by the Citizens Redistricting Commission would continue to be used.

No vote-The California Supreme Court would appoint special masters to determine new state Senate district boundaries. The state would have to pay 1 million to have the same work done over again.

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