Measure C                                                    Majority votePalo Alto Medical Marijuana Dispensaries City of Palo Alto
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  • If this measure is approved the City of Palo Alto will
  • Allow up to 3 new non-profit medical marijuana dispensaries
  • Create a 4% sales tax on all cannabis sales & $10,000.00 annual license fees
  • Establishes hours of operation between 9 am and 10 pm
  • The city will establish operational procedures and zone requirements

  • Currently federal law stipulates that marijuana is an illegal drug and is not a prescription drug.
  • Dispensaries have increasing pressure in California by the federal government. The federal government has been going after the landlord of the dispensaries threating to seize the properties.
  • It has been recently reported that the Palo Alto city council is opposed to having medical marijuana dispensaries.
Fiscal Impact
Palo Altos current annual revenues are aprox 631 million
If MEASURE C passes it could increase revenues aprox 250,000 per year.

Questions -
  1. Do you want to have business’s within the city limits that will sell medical marijuana?

YES vote- The city will permit and regulate and tax 3 cannabis dispensaries within the city limits.

No vote-Smoking and growing marijuana within the privacy of your own home with proper medical card requirements will still be legal in the city however there will be no establishments that will sell cannabis.

1.There are currently 2 listed cannabis delivery services near Palo Alto. One in East Palo Alto and the other is in Redwood City.
2.Medical marijuana dispensaries will attract marijuana users with medical cards. It’s up to you to decide if that’s a good or bad thing to have in your neighborhood.


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