Proposition 35 Human Trafficking and Sex Offenders This will create longer sentences for those who commit human trafficking as well as.

  • Increases criminal penalties for human trafficking-aka “pimping”, including prison sentences up to 15- years-to-life and fines up to $1,500,000.
  • Fines collected to be used for victim services and law enforcement.
  • Requires person convicted of trafficking to register as sex offender.
  • Requires sex offenders to provide information regarding Internet access and identities they use in online activities.
  • Prohibits evidence that victim engaged in sexual conduct from being used against victim in court proceedings.
  • Requires human trafficking training for police officers.
  • There has not been much resistance to this measure in the media. There has been no substantial financial backing against this measure.
  • It is claimed that the terminology is not defined well enough and could require innocent people to register as sex offenders for the rest of their lives.
Fiscal Impact
  • If this proposition passes it will cost local government agencies millions in the first year starting up training. The revenues generated for increased fines are not substantial.
Questions -
  • Do you want Increased pressure on prostitution that will include pimps having to register as a sex offender?

YES vote-Longer prison sentences and larger fines for committing human trafficking crimes

No vote-Existing criminal penalties for human trafficking would stay in effect.

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