Measure A Santa Clara County Tax Increase Santa Clara County Sales Tax Increase

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A ONE-EIGHTH CENT SALES TAX. Shall the County of Santa Clara enact a one-eighth cent sales tax that will go to the general fund. The additional revenues are not earmarked for any particular service, improvements or otherwise.
  • By itself there has not been much debate however if this measure passes and Proposition 30 passes then the local sales tax will be increased by .325% (.125% locally and .25% statewide ) making the current 8.25% become at least 8.575% for the next 7 years.
  • The maximum tax allowed by state law for Santa Clara County is 9.25%
  • The Silicon Tax Valley Taxpayers association has stated they will file a lawsuit against Santa Clara County to remove the measure because they claim that they are breaking the law that was established in 1996 Prop 218
Fiscal Impact
This will provide $500 million to the County of Santa Clara over 10 years
Questions -
  • 1. Are you in favor of raising taxes to pay for local services, programs & improvements?

YES vote-- increase local sales tax 1/8% on all taxable items for the next 10 years (Campbell will incur an additional 1/4% increase )
No vote- sales tax will remain the same


  • This money will go into the County’s General Fund for use as the County Supervisors see fit
  • It’s not earmarked for anything. You could conceivably find yourself paying more taxes for the same quality of services before the tax.
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