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West Valley Republican Women Federation
Founded in 1952, our mission has been to educate our membership through political...
Santa Clara County Democratic Party
The Santa Clara County Democratic Party strives to build, sustain, and use our...
Santa Clara County Republican Party
The Republican Party of Santa Clara County conducts political activities to elect...
California Republican League
To elect mainstream common sense Republicans at every level of government throughout...
California Republican Lawyers Association
Endorsing the appointment and election of Republicans to the judiciary.
Californian Republican Assembly
Sponsoring public forums for the advancement of conservatism and conservative points...
Bay Area Republicans
To promote and support Republican candidates and causes at the state, local and...
California Womens Leadership Association
CWLA is a statewide organization of influential women who believe in free market...
Yes We Can Democratic Club
To improve awareness of Democratic candidates and issues.
San Pedro Democratic Club
Emboldening Citizens and Leaders to stand up for our future.
Robert F. Kennedy Democratic Club
Emboldening Citizens and Leaders to stand up for our future.
Progressive Democratic Club
Club members are urged to participate in the many "Occupy" events being held in areas...
Pro Active Democrats
The Pro Active Democrats will motivate residents in community and civic participation...
California Federation of Republican Women
To see women from all age groups and walks of life as key players at the political...
South Peninsula Area Republican Coalition (SPARC)
SPARC's mission is to energize the Republican base in support of the overall goals and...
Silicon Valley Republican Women, Federated
To influence legislation and maintain a presence in state government in accordance...
Silicon Valley Association of Republican Women (SVARW)
To educate and motivate our members and to help elect qualified Republicans to office.
Santa Clara University College Republicans
We are a state and federally funded chapter whose goal is to educate others to and...
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