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Soapbox was envisioned by me, William Schweitzer Jr., an average everyday guy who was frustrated by the constant lack of reliable information for voting. In October of 2010, I did not get my voter information guide in the mail. I did what most people would do and jumped on the internet to get answers. What should have taken only minutes ended up becoming a life changing event that started a lifelong quest of research and truth seeking in the world of politics.

I started getting people to help me build this Idea. On this journey we came to a certain realization that all information has a bias. Everyone has a perspective and therefore has a bias. Some reporters and news agencies have a more rounded perspective than others and we do our best to differentiate thembut there will allways be a swing to the information you are getting. But thats ok.

I now realize that being bias is not a bad thing. For example, when you purchase an item that you don’t have much experience with then you would generally tend to ask an expert. The best expert is someone that you can relate to especially when it comes to the item in question. We try and bring that type of personal confidence in decision-making to our website by letting special interest groups, PACS, business, and people of political influence participate on our website. We then give you the ability to join and align with them and let their suggestions influence you’re matching- as it would in real life. We have not yet perfected the science of emotion and probably never will. However, we do our best in showing you, the voter, how the world of politics is manageable and we do our best to give you only the information that you feel is important.

It is time that we create a leveled playing field, or at least a starting base that everyone can have a fair chance at getting their voice heard. In politics- promises are made and compromise is the avenue that most find is the only road to getting things done. It is these people that know and understand politics that have the real advantage in an election. They will gain support from important groups (groups that represent people like you and me as well as the wealthiest in the world) and they will collect money so that they will be a face you recognize.

That is the way politics works and I don’t want to change it. My goal is to educate the voter and give you the ability to make a good choice. And in turn, we will let candidates know what information, topics and issues that you feel are important. This is how you build a government that represents your values and this leads to better transparency in government.

Soapbox has only one goal- to be the best information source by providing the voter with everything they will need to make an educated decision that you can feel confident in. We are not saying that by using our website you will find a politician or proposition that perfectly matches you. It is our job to show you each candidate and proposition and evaluate which has the most in common with you and which would best represent your values based on what you have told us and what the candidates have promised to do. What a candidate does in office is a whole other issue but that can always be resolved in 2-6 years or impeachment- whichever comes first.

If you are interested in working with us then please contact us. Thoughts and suggestions are always appreciated. Interns are appreciated even more! (Thanks SJSU)

We believe that Soapbox will make a difference and I appreciate the time you have taken to learn more about us. Please take the time to create a profile on Soapbox so that we can learn more about you and start making politics less of a burden and more of a reward in your life.