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Proposition 32: What's Their Real Agenda?
Prop 32 is designed to take power away from Labor unions and the labor industry by not letting it continue to help support those candidates that are pro union. Super PACs, Wall Street, Insurance Companies and others that have everything to gain and nothing to lose are backing this one sided Proposition to get a leg up on removing the power of organized labor. Unions are the underdog when it comes to contributions to politics. Currently the ratio is that for every 15 dollars that the Super Pacs and others listed above contribute the unions can only generate 1 dollar to match. If this bill passes Unions will no longer be able to contribute and those special interests groups will have nothing to stop them from removing even more power from unions and eventually try to disband union labor altogether. Union Labor is the only strong and united voice of the working class and it is the watchdog to ensure that the working class is able to continue to take care of themselves.