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How can you say that I will be able to “Vote with Confidence”?
We can’t say that you will have complete confidence because any decision is speculation. And for most of us, we do not have the time to adequately research each and every candidate or propositions in depth to get a strong “feel” for what candidates believe, support and have done in the past that you would support. Choosing a President is an important and relatively easy decision because there is plenty of information that you can obtain. But the more difficult question on your ballot is “Who is this guy running for Water District?” and “Why should I vote for this woman to become a Judge?”. These are very important decisions in our local government that make a huge impact on how efficient and effective our local government operates. And for each candidate that participates on our website you will know and trust that they have nothing to hide and want to be the best public servant they can be. We cannot promise you that you will be happy with the people who are running but we can give you the right tools to make a decision quickly. Your Home Town, State & Country is dependent upon you to make the right decision in hiring/electing the right people to get the job done successfully.
How will my Voice be heard on Soapbox?
There are a few ways that your voice will be heard on Soapbox. On the Soapbox forum you will be able to ask questions about anything on your ballot. You will be able to discuss or debate anything political. Most importantly you will be able to ask questions to candidates. The next way your voice could be heard on your Soapbox is to become a candidate. You must first file with the registrar of voters, then as a new candidate or as an incumbent seeking re-election, you will be able to connect with every one of your constituents that are on Soapbox. And last you can join or create a group(s) on your Soapbox. Everyone has an opinion and vision of how this country should be run. The tough part about this is that you don’t know who shares all of your values and beliefs. Soapbox is changing that. Not only will we help you endorse whatever cause you have decided to champion, we will connect you to others that have the same values. Independently your voice is only one in a crowd of 300+ million people. But in groups you will stand united and people will take notice and change will come about. Either joining a group, starting a new group or even just gaining followers to champion a cause that is important, your voice will be heard by others.
How does EASYVOTE work?
This is the simple Q&A that each candidate must answer to be represented on Soapbox. This creates an “apples to apples” comparison and gives you the answers to the questions that are important to you. When you become a member on Soapbox and complete your voter profile and answer all the questions on EASY VOTE- you will be able to match yourself to candidates ( and soon Propositions and Measures ) for the rest of your life. From time to time as issues change you will need to update your profile to ensure that your values and beliefs are being properly matched. EASY VOTE takes all the guess work out of politics and voting, making government represent you - the voter.
Is Soapbox Bias?
YES & NO. Soapbox is bias in that each candidate provides all content on their page. That makes the information on that candidate bias because they want your vote. Soapbox will not edit or filter the candidate’s pages, so all information is provided solely by the candidate or their representatives. Also, for each candidate that participates on Soapbox, it is bias in their favor because you will have more confidence in knowing more about that candidate. They want you to know that they have nothing to hide, are willing to go toe to toe with those running against them and most importantly, the candidates want to know what you feel is important. We offer advertisements and sponsored articles to candidates, and special interest groups- just as any other media outlet does. This is another advantage that the candidates can take. It is important to know that we offer the ads equally to everyone that participates on Soapbox. Our evaluation of Propositions and measures is done by a panel of average everyday people and some very politically smart people too. This gives us a well-rounded understanding of what the key issues are that surround any argument specific to a proposition or measure. ( We can’t say this enough – Read the bill for yourself to know what it is.) If you want to know if Soapbox has a specific bias towards any candidate, special interest groups, political party, PAC, proposition or measure - the answer is no. However, if a candidate, special interest group, political party or PAC doesn’t participate on our website then they will be at a disadvantage because we will not be able to give you an “apples to apples” comparison, matching, alliance or any other information about their associations, memberships or current news- giving you the voter the information you are looking for. We will equally represent everyone because we believe that it is their right to try and make change within our government. Our goal is to provide everyone with an opportunity to get their message across.
Is Soapbox a non-profit?
NO. And we don’t feel that we need to be. There are many trusted sources that people get their political information from every day. From the TV news, websites, blogs, newspapers and other media and they are mostly FOR-PROFIT companies. We don’t want the burden of applying for grants and begging for money -from you. Candidates and special interest groups are very good at gathering money to support their campaign and it is time that money gets put to good use! We believe that “A company with integrity can be trusted” and that’s all that matters.
What do you do with the information in my profile and is it safe?
Please read our Privacy policy for further details on your information. The information that you provide on our website is both public and private. As for the safety of the website- We use the most current and up to date technology with internet security and perform all stand practices and protocols to ensure the security of our website.
What can I do to make my Soapbox better?
This is our favorite question. You can let us know what you feel is important through our “contact us” page. You can also use the forum page to see if other people have encountered the same situation and have either submitted a request or have found the solution.
Why start a grass roots movement group on Soapbox?
In today’s day and age social media has made a huge impact in all aspects of our lives. From the way we interact with our friends, shop or gather and research information – the internet has changed us all. Grassroots movements have proven to be very powerful tools in elections. They are even more powerful now because they are intertwined with social media. You are now able to reach millions of people within weeks to get your message across. If there is something that is important and people need to be alerted, then you need to start a group. You need to get people aware and get them involved. That is what this country is about and it is what makes us strong. Show your strength and create a group today so that tomorrow will be a better day.
Why should our Political Party Group be on Soapbox?
People today feel like they are pitted against each other like the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s when it comes to choosing a political party. Because of this increasing tension between the parties a lot of information is lost. People no longer know what the foundation and values are of any political party- including the one they pledge allegiance to. Now is the time to educate people and get them to understand why your party is great. Most parties share many values across the wide spectrum of political issues and it only takes a little bit of common sense (and even sometimes minor comprises) to make things move in a positive direction. Soapbox is going to break down the walls of ignorance with your participation. You will be able to influence people that would normally never listen to you because you’re on the other side. With Soapbox, we are able to show everyone all of the common goals, values and direction that are shared. Things have to change to get better. It’s no longer about right and wrong. It’s not a blame game – it’s our future. It’s about putting the right person in charge. It’s time for you to help make that change. It’s time for you to enlighten those that don’t know. It’s time to show the world who is the best candidate for the job. It is time for you to help make it happen.
Why should our organization or business be on Soapbox groups?
As you well know by now that the power of the people is based on the strength of its numbers. By creating a group page on Soapbox and actively participating on the website, you will be able to increase the number of people that support your cause and follow your lead. No longer are you limited to the number of people that will listen to your council. You will have the eyes and ears of an entire nation. You will be able to educate those that you never had an ability to reach. You will be able to cross boundaries that you never thought were possible. Now is the time to get your message out there and now is the time that people will listen. Now is the time to make your presence known of your Soapbox.